SEMUA isi kandungan di blog ini adalah luahan isi hati penulis sendiri..
Kalau tak suka, sila JANGAN baca
Blog ini adalah utk diri sendiri je..hehe

Friday, March 13

New beginning

The end of something is always a beginning to something new.
I had the strength,
But it didn't stay long
Now I'm weak all over again

Sunday, March 1

Sebab growing up is hurting me

Lately ni,
aku rasa rindu nak berblogging semula
Luahkan semua kat sini
Tanpa orang bagi feedback
Just baca (if there's any)
it's nice to feel like this again
Macam dulu
Bila rasa nak luah, luah sini, kalau benda tu macam over sangat
Save dalam draft
Kalau rasa macam 50-50, post je

It's hard to let it out to people
They never cares
There's a difference between 'cares' and 'busybody'
People don't listen
They just wait for their turn to talk
They just never stop
But thing is, they talk too much!!!

Like they all perfect
And expect me to be perfect

Well I'm not neither that I will ever be!
I can't be perfect that's tremendously impossible
Nothing in this world is perfect, right?

So what if I'm not skinny and if my leg is fat?
So what if I have a round face?
So what if I'm not tall enough?
So what if my cheeks are fat?
So what if my skin color is uneven?
So what if my hair doesn't suit my face?
Like really why does everyone pointing out my flaws?
To make me insecure and feel ugly and horrid of myself?

Just to get things clear, I never consider myself beautiful.
Never, really I swear! But I never think myself ugly
Because I'm not stupid enough to think that every of His creation is not beautiful
But I do sometimes, feel insecure about my flaws.

People never seem to understand that I have feelings too.
And yes, I'm offended
I can't help it. You can't blame me for being sensitive. VERY sensitive.

And I'm hurt. And sad. Disappointed.
People always think they're right.
Well, not always alright!
And I've had enough
I want to be alone
And fade away
Become a shadow
Far from everyone
People never realize what they had until it's gone, right?
And maybe, maybe people will appreciate my existence after I'm gone